Best Corporate Governance Awards series: Understanding the latest ESG practices

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Best Corporate Governance Awards series: Understanding the latest ESG practices

CPD hour: 1.5 hours

Mr. Patrick Chu

Partner, Head of Business Reporting & Sustainability, KPMG China

Patrick Chu is the National Head of Business Reporting & Sustainability at KPMG China. He is also National Head of Mining and Regional Head (northern China region) Industrial Manufacturing at KPMG China. Patrick has more than 20 years of experience at KPMG providing audit and advisory services and is an experienced sustainability and environmental professional. He leads sustainability assignments across a range of sectors, namely power and utilities, real estate and transport and also completed the first green bond issuance in China in early 2016.

Content: This course:

  • provides a snapshot of key ESG trends and risk and HKEX’s new requirements in ESG reporting from a sustainability practitioner’s perspective.

  • walks through a step-by-step guide, together with the insights from the companies with best practices,facilitating companies to integrate ESG into their businesses.




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